Women in Engineering

The Global Energy Talent Index report 2019 found that women make up just 14% of the energy workforce (12.3% of all engineers in the UK) and we at ABEC know that in order to keep up with the demand for quality engineers in our sector, the diversity skills deficit needs to be addressed. In a male dominated industry, we want to be proactive in ensuring that there are more visible female role models to help close the gender gap.

We asked our current Trainee Engineer, Laura Ennis, if she could give us an insight into how she came to ABEC and why she began her exciting career in BEMS Engineering. Here’s what she had to say:

“I decided on a career in engineering early on in life, following in my father’s footsteps to join the firm he had spent most of his life with. A chance meeting with a controls engineer on a site one day left me intrigued, he told me that this [BMS] was the future of engineering and that I should jump ship! Sadly though, when I started down this path, I found the training programs to be entirely lacking and I became demoralized with the industry. After a long conversation with a recruiter about ABEC specifically, I was convinced there was a way back for me and that maybe this was the career I had been hoping for. Once I started with ABEC, joining their team through their Academy Training Scheme, I found it was much more than what I had imagined, and now nearing my two year anniversary with them I’m still in awe at how much they’ve all done to support me and help me develop as an engineer.”

If you’d like to find out more about a career in the BEMS sector and see how our Academy can help you, take a look at our Academy page for more information or simply get in touch with us at jobs@abec.co.uk and we’d be happy to discuss what ABEC could offer you.