Why do ISO standards matter for our clients?

Complying with standards is often viewed in the same way as passing exams at school, it’s a tick box exercise, something to be endured with little meaningful reason behind it. However, at ABEC we believe compliance to ISO standards delivers significant benefits for our clients. It is something we take very seriously.

Our clients tell us they are interested in value propositions. They need to be able to trust when they buy from us that we will deliver the best solution; we will deliver a quality product; we will meet their expectations. They need to be confident that we understand and can support their needs, that we can minimise their exposure to risk and that we can deliver all that, to an agreed cost.

Onboarding a new supplier is expensive. It takes considerable effort both in terms of time and money to ensure that a supplier can do all the things you need them to. The last thing any client wants to do is to onboard a new supplier only to discover that they can’t deliver. Our clients tell us they are interested in developing long term relationships with their supply chain. They want a supply chain that is scalable, that can deliver locally but is aligned to global expectations. They want a supply chain that ‘gets’ them and their business and grows alongside them.

For almost two decades the team at ABEC has been at the forefront of Building and Energy Management Systems. We are all passionate about going the extra mile for our clients, each other, and the wider communities in which we operate. We believe we are uniquely positioned to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. We have exceptional employees who deliver innovative solutions consistently regardless of the size, or location of the job. We work tirelessly to understand our customers’ needs and to support them, especially in energy spend reduction and delivery of their environmental, social and governance objectives.

Investing time and effort in attaining our ISO certificates for health and safety management, environmental management, quality management and information security management is critical to supporting our clients. Having management systems aligned to the standards means we can:

  • Quickly demonstrate compliance to minimum standards allowing pre-award conversations to be solution focused. We can spend valuable time identifying needs and developing our understanding of the client’s business
  • Easily integrate our activities into a wider facility or construction team, knowing that we align to international standards
  • Deliver consistent results

These are not tick box activities for us, they are a fundamental part of who we are as a business. The work we put into achieving and maintaining these certifications delivers real value to our client relationship.