Want the government to pay you to save energy?

On 3 September, registration closes for the second phase of the Electricity Demand Reduction scheme closes. This is a great scheme that could see the government pay your organisation to adopt energy efficiency measures.

In discussions with clients, we’ve found that quite a few people haven’t heard about the scheme or don’t realise the benefits it can offer any organisation considering energy efficiency upgrades.

The basic concept of EDR is quite straightforward – your organisation installs new equipment and successful applicants will be paid by the government for the energy the new installations make. Electricity capacity savings projects covered by the scheme include:

  • The installation of equipment,
  • The installation of insulation (or other thermal envelope), and
  • The installation and optimisation of Building Energy Management Systems

Our experience shows that a lot of clients are very interested in taking part in the scheme when made aware of the benefits. The important thing for anybody interested is to register before 3 September 2015.

There’s a bit more to do after registration but registering through the scheme’s portal is quick, easy and doesn’t commit you to anything. So, if the idea of getting paid to make energy efficiency savings appeals to your organisation make sure you register before 3 September 2015! We’d then love to have a conversation to demonstrate how your organisation can get the most out of EDR.

To find out more, give our team a call at 01684 853780 or email us at enquiries@abec.co.uk.