The forty thousand percent energy price jump

It seems amazing but, for three half-hour periods over the winter, the cost of your organisation’s energy will jump around 46,000%.

You have read that correctly – forty six thousand percent.

For three ‘red zones’, known as Triad periods, (the peak half-hours of energy use between November and February) your energy supplier will charge an inflated rate. This is then passed on to National Grid as your contribution to the national transmission network. The charges are regionally based and during the Triad period, taking London as an example, your normal per unit cost of £0.10 kWh (for example) will increase to £46.23 kWh for these three half-hour windows.

These three periods can add significant costs to a company’s energy costs. However, they can be avoided by taking some easy steps. We’re already working with clients ahead of this year’s Triad periods:

  • Creating an alternative Building Energy Management System (BEMS) strategy to automatically reduce consumption during potential Triad periods.
  • Providing Triad warnings, alerting organisations to possible Triad periods before they happen

Taking these simple steps will mean you’re fully prepared for this season’s charging periods. A proactive, intelligent Triad strategy provides one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency activities out there.

But there’s a bigger picture at play here as well. More and more people we’re working with are using Triad preparation as an opportunity to review their entire BEMS strategy. Adopting a year round demand driven strategy is one of the easiest ways to harness the energy savings locked in your buildings. Savings can be significant and in many cases will be greater than 10% of your overall energy spend just by enhancing your BEMS in this way.

By making your strategy work harder and smarter the efficiencies gained can make a real difference to cost savings on energy. All of this can be managed remotely, meaning the cost and hassle of making all this happen is minimal too.

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