SMART Hub team is growing

Our team has doubled in size over the last couple of months in order to maintain our high standards of service to our customer base, which is continually growing.

ABEC’s state-of-the-art Smart Hub facility offers the latest and greatest in remote support for your building. With fully trained BMS engineers at the ready, to help the operation of your business, the Smart Hub has the ability to remotely dial into your building and monitor performance.

So, what are the main benefits of the SMART Hub for our customers?

Telephone Technical support

Engineers who are on site are able to use this service to help them diagnose faults quickly, accurately and efficiently. They call the Smart Hub support team and talk through the issue they have found or are experiencing onsite. The ABEC team are able to help identify the cause of the issue and can act appropriately to ensure the issues are resolved. This saves time on site, as well reducing costs.

Remote Reactive Maintenance

This allows for remote monitoring of a building’s BMS systems. During lockdown, when access to buildings was restricted, this was invaluable.  Our customers were able to continue as normal, as our Smart Hub was able to monitor BMS systems remotely and make changes instantaneously.

But it’s not just lockdowns that restrict access to a building. There are a variety of reasons that an engineer might not be able to access a site, for example, there could be secure areas in the building, limited accessibility, or restricted access for health reasons. The Smart Hub is able to operate under all these conditions, with the added benefits of saving time, money, and resource.

Critical alarm monitoring

Once this has been set up, you can monitor different areas of the BMS. For example, if there is an AHU fan failure, and an alarm has been set up, the Smart Hub could acknowledge the alarm and rectify the fault before the customer is even aware there was a problem to begin with.

ABEC AnalytiX

This is one step further than Critical alarm monitoring, this is ABEC’s in-house designed AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will pick up a fault, calculate the monetary cost of that fault and enable the engineers to prioritise the workload. This gives customers control over which faults to fix first, so you can always fix those that are critical for the business or have the biggest financial impact.  ABEC AnalytiX also helps you manage your energy usage. BMS combined with the ABEC AnalytiX, can use as a true energy reduction service.

Remote planned maintenance

The Smart hub can carry out some elements of BMS maintenance, remotely, when combined with onsite visits. Remote maintenance can help cuts costs, reduces downtime and reduce disruption to operation within operational hours.

The Smart Hub is now expanding our offering and our suite of services. This has caught the attention of other customers, and this is generating new demand.

Joe Pinder, the SMART Hub Manager says, “Super exciting times for the Smart Hub right now. We are finding that there is increased demand from our customers for our SMART Hub services, so we have expanded the Team, to meet this demand. I am passionate about innovation in building technology and being a part of the development and expansion. It’s exciting working at ABEC, who are not afraid to push boundaries. We always go the extra mile to find solutions to our customer’s problems. This is a great team and a great company to work for.”

“We are currently helping a wide range of businesses at the moment and are keen to help more. Our customers range from corporate offices, financial institutions, retail establishments, colleges, schools and Data Centres. We meet the customer’s requirements and offer bespoke solutions for each.

“I am so proud to see my team grow. Stephen & Ritchie joined the Smart Hub in June bringing great experience to an already outstanding outfit”

To find out more about how ABEC’s SMART Hub can support you and your business, click here