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The importance of BMS maintenance

If your Building Management System (BMS) is not maintained effectively, it can result in reduced performance and increased energy usage as the BMS controls and monitors around 60% of the energy consumed in a building. It can also cause substandard environmental conditions within the building, with poor indoor air quality or fluctuations in temperature. Without the correct maintenance, the BMS is also at increased risk of unexpected failure, with extended downtime a significant possibility.

A better approach to maintenance

At ABEC, our suite of maintenance services provides customers with the on-going support and proactive BMS management required to ensure long-term performance. The maintenance plan for each customer is based on the specific BMS requirements of the building and aligns with industry specifications such as SFG20 and the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) standards.

This includes specialist maintenance services for critical environments such as data centres and laboratories.

Why choose ABEC for your SMART Buildings Solutions?

  • We offer a range of Smart Building solutions with proven cost benefits
  • Seamless integration to provide a Single Pane of Glass view of building performance
  • We bring the latest innovations and best practice to customers
  • Almost two decades of specialist BMS experience
  • Full turn-key service and a one-stop-shop of Smart Buildings and IoT solutions
  • Global reach with dedicated local support

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