Smart Buildings & IoT

Utilising Smart Buildings and IoT technology we are challenging traditional methods and accepted costs with our Smart Buildings platform – ABEC SmartView. We offer a range of Smart Building and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to help customers significantly reduce operational costs and energy spend.

ABEC SmartView provides all this on a ‘single pane of glass’ (SPOG) for seamless integration of all building performance data for simplified analysis, visualisation and optimisation.

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ABEC Smart View



HVAC & Building Services

  • Smart HVAC AnalytiX
  • Smart Motors – Turntide Technology
  • Smart Displays – Energy Data and Dashboards

Employee Productivity & Wellness

  • Smart Air – Internal Air Quality
  • Smart Wellness
  • Smart Productivity
  • Smart User Apps

Facilities Management Support

  • Smart Water – Legionella Checks
  • Smart Emergency Lighting – General & Emergency Lighting
  • Smart Waste – Waste Disposal
  • Smart Asset – GPS Tracking
  • Smart Pest – Pest Control
  • Smart Cleaning – Automated Cleaning Rotas

Workplace Services

  • Smart Bike Store – Bike Storage
  • Smart Park – Vehicle Parking
  • Smart Signage – Interactive Signage
  • Smart Vend – Vending Machine Status
  • Smart Lockers – Locker Management

Safety & Security

  • Smart Security – Fire, CCTV, Access & Intruder
  • Smart Visitor – Reception/Visitor Management
  • Smart Lobby

Space Management

  • Smart Space – Occupancy/Space Utilisation
  • Smart Rooms – Meeting/Conference Rooms
  • Smart Desk – Hot Desking Availability
  • Smart Finder – Place & People Finder

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