We take a look at the new Trend Control Systems IQ422 Controller

The IQ422 is designed for use in a variety of applications. It offers Trend’s smallest footprint for a 12-point universal controller and boasts multi-browser support. The IQ422 is the second variant in Trend’s family of IQ4 main plant controllers and builds on the success of the recently launched IQ41x series.

Trend listened to customer requests for a flexible device and has devised a solution that utilises the popular six input/ six output formation, meaning that it can be used in small to mid-sized applications such as primary schools and health centres, as well as larger installations such as multi-tenanted office complexes.

Featuring IQ4 style DIN compatible casework, to fit within electrical enclosures alongside a host of other IQ4 style capabilities, the IQ422 has the power to support the most advanced control applications. These include web supervision using Ethernet and TCP/IP networking technologies, while XML capability is offered as standard.

The IQ422 has open system support and integration features that will benefit IT personnel. A new style web interface facilitates the use of all popular internet browsers including Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It also offers a configurable web server port for enhanced IT acceptance. Data can be accessed via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, thanks to a firmware upgrade that detects what type of device the information is being accessed from, ensuring it is presented in the correct format.

Graeme Rees, Product Manager at Trend, said: “The IQ422 represents the next generation of our controller technology. It is designed to meet the multi-faceted demands of today’s customers and offers features and benefits that address their requirements for better space utilisation, flexibility and cost effectiveness.