Wasted money

Pumps and fans consume vast amounts of energy. Often they can be oversized, or running at full power unnecessarily. Fitting an AC drive to your fixed speed pumps and fans allows the motor to run at a speed that matches requirements and enables the end user to capitalise on the energy savings available.

What is an AC drive?

Otherwise known as a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) or inverter, an AC drive is a device used to control the rotational speed of an AC electric motor by controlling the frequency of the electrical power supplied to the motor. Most conventional motors only run at full speed. However, a motor with a VSD can be operated at a variable rate. This allows the motor to drive a pump or fan at a speed appropriate to system requirements, either stand-alone or automated through technology such as a Building Management System (BMS).

Why use an AC drive?

The speed of the motor and energy use are exponentially related. Therefore even a very small reduction in speed can result in a significant energy saving for the end user. Fitting an AC drive to a motor is an attractive cost-saving project for many businesses, as this can provide quick energy saving results within a relatively short payback period.

Some interesting facts

  • VSDs have the potential to make energy savings and increase profitability in almost every sector of UK business
  • Reducing fan speed not only reduces energy consumption but may also reduce noise and vibration
  • Most fans and pumps are oversized for the duties they perform
  • Using a VSD to slow down a fan or pump motor from 100% to 80% can save as much as 50% on energy use.
  • You can also download a very useful guide, from the Carbon Trust, which details how an AC drive works and the impact of the technology within HVAC applications:

How we can help

At ABEC we can offer free AC drive audits and site surveys incorporating energy-saving calculations, carbon, kWhrs and payback periods and the full turnkey project delivery to install and commission your AC drives to achieve these outcomes. To find out more get in touch 01684 853 780,