Product Release Announcement – enteliBRIDGE

As a Delta partner, ABEC can provide this new product to our clients. This launch further demonstrates Delta’s development to ensuring 3rd party systems are seamlessly integrated to native BACnet – Deltas core protocol. We’re positive this product will hold a strong place in the UK BEMS market.

Delta Controls is pleased to announce the release of the enteliBRIDGE protocol gateway platform, available for purchase starting July 22, 2015.

This powerful network integration platform incorporates non-BACnet building control protocols with your BACnet® building automation system. The enteliBRIDGE creates virtual BACnet controllers representing third-party devices in the network, providing a seamless and intuitive architecture for data sharing and graphics.

The embedded web server offers a user-friendly experience from initial configuration and engineering to review of status and diagnostic information. Protocols that support advanced queries allow drivers to auto-map data onto your network. Common device mapping formats can be applied to multiple devices of the same type, saving you engineering time and costs on your projects.

The first driver available for enteliBRIDGE will be for Modbus TCP, one of the most common protocols available for energy metering devices. It is scalable to connect up to a total of 30,000 points over as many as 1,000 separate Modbus devices. Modbus TCP will be available on an unrestricted 30-day trial without a license. This allows you to test or even engineer a site before purchasing licensed points.

enteliBRIDGE can be upgraded in the field as support for other protocols is released. As a license-based product, enteliBRIDGE is ordered through the License Configurator portion of Delta Controls’ Passport site, just like enteliWEB. There is no license expiry associated with the enteliBRIDGE product, so firmware upgrades with new functionality are expected to be freely available for the life of the product.