Prioritizing Mental Health: ABEC’s Comprehensive Support System

At ABEC, we’re dedicated to nurturing a workplace where mental well-being is at the forefront. As we observe Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re proud to highlight the array of initiatives and resources we’ve implemented to support our valued employees:


Open Dialogue: At ABEC, we encourage open conversations about mental health. Our leadership team actively promotes a culture where team members feel comfortable discussing their challenges and seeking support when needed.

Accessible Mental Health Cover: Every member of our team has access to mental health cover through our private medical health scheme, ensuring that support is readily available when needed.

Comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP): Our EAP offers confidential counselling and support services to all staff, providing a safe space to address personal challenges and seek guidance.

Occupational Health Referrals: We proactively support our employees’ well-being by referring them to Occupational Health Advisors when necessary, ensuring they receive tailored support and guidance.

Enhanced Benefits for Well-Being: ABEC offers enhanced sick pay and other benefits to support overall well-being, including increased holiday entitlement, demonstrating our commitment to caring for our employees’ holistic health.

Work/Life Balance and Positive Environment: Embedded within our core values, we prioritize work/life balance and cultivate a positive work environment where employees feel supported, valued, and respected.

Celebrating Success and Personal Development: We celebrate our team’s successes and actively invest in their personal development, empowering them to achieve their goals and thrive both personally and professionally.

Diverse and Inclusive Workplace: ABEC is dedicated to providing a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace where all colleagues feel welcomed, respected, and able to bring their authentic selves to work every day.

Introducing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA): We’re excited to announce the introduction of a Mental Health First Aid facility, further enhancing our support system and ensuring that trained individuals are available to provide immediate assistance and guidance.

Training and Resources: We offer ongoing training and toolbox talks on topics such as stress management and overall well-being, equipping our team with valuable skills and resources to navigate life’s challenges with resilience.


As we continue our journey of prioritizing mental health, ABEC remains committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where every individual’s well-being is valued and prioritized. Together, we’re building a brighter, healthier future for our team members and our organization.