ABEC’s Collaboration on Equinix’s LD7 Data Centre Expansion

ABEC collaborated with ARUP and Mercury Engineering Contractors to seamlessly integrate a BMS system into Equinix’s LD7 data centre expansion in Slough, enhancing its connectivity within the campus while supporting the growth of over 1000 companies.

For the extension of the LD7 data centre on Equinix’s Slough Trading Estate campus, ABEC worked closely with ARUP and Mercury Engineering Contractors to deliver a BMS system that was seamlessly integrated, to connect to the existing campus wide system.

The world’s digital infrastructure company, Equinix helps companies accelerate business performance by connecting them to their customers and partners inside the world’s most networked data centres. The London data centres, based in Slough, are business hubs for 1000+ companies.

The latest construction-works adds an additional 6,600m² of white space and 12MW IT load to the LD7 data centre, which was first opened in 2019.
Equinix uses the Schnieder Eco-Struxure platform across its data centres. Engaged as a strategic partner, ABEC provided Schneider AS Devices and utilised EBO Front End Software to deliver a BMS system for the new facility.

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6,600m² of white space

12MW IT load

Sam Samra, the ABEC Major Projects Account Manager said:

“The need to integrate two BMS systems added a complexity to the project that ABEC was able to successfully navigate. This aptitude in problem-solving has no doubt contributed to us becoming a strategic partner to Equinix and we have already started to support them in other regions, such as Spain.”