ABEC is a ventilation success

ABEC is one of the UK’s leading independent building and energy management specialists. The purpose of the two-month contract was to optimise the ventilation system, which originally distributed three times too much air volume in the spring, autumn and winter months.

The system was originally designed for maximum airflow during the summer months to satisfy the building’s cooling load. The project involved replacing air handling unit motors with more efficient EFF1 variable speed drivers. To ensure the volume of fresh air in the building could be controlled, CO2 sensors were installed by ABEC, which allowed for the building to match actual occupancy, rather than theoretical occupancy. To decrease ventilation volume, fan speeds were reduced in the non-summer months from 26m3/s to 7.8m3/s.

This solution has resulted in a cost benefit to Carillion, as the volume of air required to heat the indoor environment up to the 18°C minimum temperature is now lower, due to less air being introduced into the building.

ABEC won this contract thanks to its demonstrable energy and BEMS expertise, which allows the team to identify where a building’s energy saving potential lies, by carrying out survey works. ABEC then follows up this procedure by implementing its rewiring control strategies and re-commissioning the system.

With a dedicated team of energy specialists working closely with their clients, ABEC understands that building energy use represents one of the largest costs to any organisation. Andy Dyke, Technical Director at ABEC said: “The work we do is tailor-made to each client. This particular project was focused on the energy consumption of the air handling system at Carillion’s Birch Street office. Our committed team did everything possible to understand the problems in the system and suggest the most energy efficient solution.”

The changes have had a significant impact on energy efficiency within the office. 12 months after the installation by ABEC the heating and oil consumption have decreased by a staggering 22%, and electricity use by 6%, clearly with notable cost savings too.

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October 2013

Fan speeds were reduced in the non-summer months from 26m3/s to 7.8m3/s.

Heating and oil consumption decreased by 22% and electricity use by 6% with ABEC in 12 months.

David Isteed, the Group Property Director, Carillion said:

We are extremely happy with the lowered energy costs, ABEC have helped us a great deal.