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September 2022

SMART Hub team is growing

Our team has doubled in size over the last couple of months in order to maintain our high standards of service to our customer base, which is…

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August 2022

ABEC Core Values

The ABEC Core Values are the foundations of our company, our moral compass. They are not just the fluffy stuff, words printed on a poster somewhere…

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July 2022

Providing peace of mind for the Air Quality in Office Environments

One of the barriers to people returning to the offices post Covid, is the perception that Virus particles could still be in the air. Employees are…

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November 2019

Women in Engineering

A new report found that only 12.3% of all engineers in the UK are women and we at ABEC know that in order to keep up with the demand for quality…

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December 2015

Energy efficiency can reduce business bills by 18-25%

Energy efficiency can reduce non-domestic energy bills by 18-25% with an average payback of less than 1.5 years. That’s according to a report by…

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October 2015

The forty thousand percent energy price jump

It seems amazing but, for three half-hour periods over the winter, the cost of your organisation’s energy will jump around 46,000%.…

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