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March 2023

ABEC and Sustainable Development

ABEC are proud signatories of the UN Global Compact, and we support the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We believe our company is not just here…

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February 2023

Introduce a Girl to Engineering

Today is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day – a significant day marked annually at the end of February during Engineering Week. …

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January 2023

Understanding the importance of data

At ABEC we understand the importance of data. We worked incredibly hard last year to achieve certification to ISO27001 but we aren’t stopping…

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January 2023

Energy saving tips for business

We have already been feeling the effects from being squeezed with the energy crisis and every business is under increasing pressure to look for ways…

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November 2022

Why do ISO standards matter for our clients?

Complying with standards is often viewed in the same way as passing exams at school, it’s a tick box exercise, something to be endured with little…

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October 2022

Energy Crisis – how this effects education

We are all aware of the rising cost of energy at home and for businesses but for the education sector, this rise in costs is very difficult to manage.…

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