Ongoing changes in the way a building is used will have a major impact on the efficient functionality of its BEMS system. Therefore an ongoing and efficient maintenance regime is essential for the control of your building services such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, whilst achieving optimum environmental conditions and reduced energy costs. With 60-80% of a building’s energy consumption managed via the BEMS, it is vital to ensure that it is maintained for best performance.

The Maintenance Division of ABEC provides continued system efficiency and an ongoing support service with regular scheduled maintenance visits tailored to meet your needs. Planned maintenance combined with a prompt reactive service provides year-round peace of mind.

As part of our maintenance delivery we are always looking at doing things ‘smarter’.  Our new AnalytiX platform provides a true ‘Condition Based Maintenance’ regime and delivers considerable energy savings without compromising the level of BeMS support or occupancy comfort. We have developed a software platform that provides BeMS AnalytiX and also IoT solutions as we look to use data in buildings to a greater effect. Please contact us if your looking for a professional BeMS maintenance provider. Whether you need more traditional support or AnalytiX we have a friendly and experienced team on hand to support you.

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  • Planned maintenance services
  • Reactive maintenance services
  • Condition-Based Maintenance (ABEC HVAC AnalytiX)
  • 24/7 help desk facility
  • ABEC Smart Hub Bureau
  • 24/7 BEMS alarm monitoring
  • Critical spares and stock management

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