Introduce a Girl to Engineering

Today is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day – a significant day marked annually at the end of February during Engineering Week.

Engineering is typically a male-dominated arena, hence why Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day is all about encouraging girls to consider a route into engineering, and inspire them to grow up to be the great innovators and problem-solvers of the next generation!

To commemorate this occasion, we interviewed one of ABEC’s own female engineers, Iwona Gabler, who shared with us why she decided to pursue a career in engineering.

Did you always want to work in engineering and what made you want to work in engineering?

No, my first choice was mathematics, and this is why I went to a high school with special Maths/Science program where I could learn more. For example, my teachers were professors from Warsaw University. But the more I learnt the more I understood that Maths is very theoretical and even though it is still interesting I realized that “the hardware” this hands-on approach is more suitable for me. That is when I decided to become an engineer, I felt it was more practical. Maybe it will sound a bit strange but one of my favourite tv shows was “how it’s made”. I find it interesting to learn how things are done and to see the whole process.

Why do you like working in engineering?

I like to look at the outcome of my work – it is very rewarding to see the system I created work. Usually there are some technical issues that require some special attention and I really like to investigate what is wrong and later the pure joy of solving the problem and the feeling of a work well done.

What qualifications and experience did you need for your current role?

I think that the most important to start this path is doing what you like. If you have the drive to do it, you will find your own way to start. I always knew that Maths and Science was my strongest side and I was always choosing this path – in Poland I could choose a Science profile when I was 12 y/o.

What advice can you give your younger self about working in engineering?

Do what you believe in. Your mind and your skills are enough. Find opportunities – there are lots of programs for students like scholarships, possibilities to study abroad, students organizations that can help you grow.