We take a look at Kamstrup Energy and Water meters, which now support the BACnet® Protocol.

The manufacturer of heat energy, cooling and water meters, Kamstrup, has developed a BACnet module for its MULTICAL® 601, 602 and 801 heat/ cooling meters and for the MULTICAL® 62 water meter. The new communication module makes it possible to integrate the MULTICAL consumption meters, approved for legal billing, directly into a BACnet based building management system.

The new BACnet module adds to the variety of communication options in the MULTICAL meters, which also support LON, M-Bus and N2 besides a number of wireless protocols.

The foresight of Kamstrup to provide communication options for its products allows ease of equipment selection when considered for connection into building management systems or AMR system designs, eliminating the need for multiple site networks and gateways, removing unnecessary cost for additional wiring and gateways for different metering network protocols.