After people and property, energy is the single largest cost to an organisation. Managers of all commercial or public buildings must focus on energy management; driven by new legislation, a commitment to carbon reduction or the need to reduce energy costs.

The Energy Division of ABEC takes a holistic approach to a building’s energy use. Our energy management services combined with core BEMS and HVAC controls expertise enables us to monitor, control, and reduce your energy consumption. According to CIBSE, the upgrading and management of building controls is often the single biggest improvement that can be made to the energy efficiency of a building.

Our energy services are very much focused on reducing kWh’s and load. Energy Doctor is a module based energy auditing app producing meaningful reports with detailed deliverables. Its a user friendly ‘module based’ iPad app which produces a comprehensive, consistent, professional and easy to read energy audit at the touch of a button specialising in LOW COST/NO COST initiatives.

Combined with ABEC AnalytiX as part of our maintenance offering we see this as the ‘blue print’ for truly reducing energy consumption and preventing energy decay. Please contact us if your looking for a BeMS provider that specialises in energy reduction.

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  • ABEC Focus Energy
  • BeMS Energy Audits
  • BeMS Optimisation projects (low cost/no cost initiatives)
  • Energy Efficiency and Reduction Projects
  • aM&T
  • Metering/Submetering

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