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An effective Building Management System (BMS) is essential to ensure your buildings can operate efficiently and provide a comfortable and suitable internal environment. However, advances in technology mean that elements of the BMS are often obsolete after 10 to 15 years, with support no longer provided by the manufacturer. When systems reach the end of their lifespan, failures in the system can occur, leading to increased energy usage, inconvenience for occupants and even increased risks for the building.

We are forward thinking

At ABEC, we can help to manage this process and make BMS upgrades more cost-effective and less disruptive with forward maintenance and lifecycle planning. We do this by understanding the exact requirements of each building, both now and in the future, and working with you to carefully evaluate the options and choose the right solution.

Why choose ABEC to upgrade your BMS?

  • Almost two decades of specialist BMS experience
  • We minimise disruption from BMS upgrades with lifecycle planning and migration strategies
  • Trusted BMS partner for companies around the world
  • We are systems agnostic and always offer the best product to suit the client’s needs
  • Our BMS Energy Audit is an optional extra with any upgrade that delivers significant energy savings offsetting project costs
  • Global reach with dedicated local support

ABEC holds system house status with 7 mainstream BMS manufacturers

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