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At ABEC, we believe it is essential for you to choose a BEMS specialist that has experience within your market sector.

Every building that we maintain and optimise has its own unique challenges, and some of these challenges are specific to the type of market the building operates in.

Markets that we have expertise in are as follows. Take a look at our case studies for examples of our expertise.

Commercial Premises
We understand the delicate balance between achieving maximum savings and keeping office occupants happy. It is our aim to achieve both for you and ensure that you are using your space as efficiently as possible, whilst ensuring staff feel comfortable enough to work to their maximum potential. We work with an extensive range of building stock owners/managers, from developers to public sector organisations, and from accountants to engineering businesses. Our experience in office space includes brand new office developments, refurbishments, single floor fit outs, multi occupancy buildings and landmark developments.
Data Centres
Our experience in this arena is unique from a BEMS perspective having partnered with various Data Centre developers over the past decade. We have BEMS installation teams that are permanently installing BEMS in new Data Centres around continental Europe, with recent experience in the UK, Switzerland, and Germany. We understand the exacting and technical nature of these centres and have our teams specifically trained to operate in these unique environments. We install, maintain, and optimise Data Centres within the Financial market sector, co-location Data Centres, and Telecommunication hubs. We understand how essential it is to de-risk these areas to ensure our clients have no downtime and can operate their business-critical systems in an optimal manner.
As the higher education sector has gone through a challenging few years in terms of its funding regime, the demands on HE providers from the student population has increased significantly. BEMS plays a large and visible part in any HE environment, from lecture room heating/cooling to ensuring the most optimal energy efficiency to keep power costs as low as possible. At ABEC we maintain and optimise a large portfolio of HE establishments including some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious campuses. We understand the impact of teaching and academic staff when faciltiies do not operate smoothly and also understand the critical research environment and the necessary control of BEMS to keep labs (and other critical environments) operating correctly.
Financial Services & Banking
Our highly experienced team work with a wide range of institutions in the banking sector, understanding and finding solutions for the different environments that exist. We understand the need for providing first class client facing facilities, whilst providing highly complex control solutions for critical plant; ensuring your trading rooms and data needs are secure and always functioning. We work with a large portfolio of investment and retail banking institutions, alongside insurance providers, all of whom have complex needs and require first class customer service, a facet that is the bedrock of our business.
Our dedicated healthcare teams are experienced in operating in clinical environments, where sympathetic awareness to staff and patients is essential to run alongside our technical expertise. We are passionate about keeping these critical environments operating at their optimum levels, ensuring patients and staff receive the comfort that they deserve at the lowest possible cost. Our experience and expertise covers a large variety of building types, including hospitals, primary care centres, care homes, specialist and acute care units, as well as dental and veterinary surgeries. Our approach to optimising these environments energy usage has been very welcomed over the past few years where the funding environment has been so challenging.
Our experience in this market sector has been primarily focused on providing a reduction in energy spend, coupled with an increased resilience in the BEMS. Guaranteed energy saving contracts are essential in this environment where lean engineering philosophies demand margin improvement in every area. Our experience in the industrial sector provides our clients with a proven track record; we understand the importance of keeping your manufacturing line running, with every minute of lost production costing your business thousands of pounds and potentially lost clients.
Local (and central) Government
Over the past decade we have built valuable partnerships with various local authorities, from all over England. We understand the budgetary pressures faced by local government and the need to continually provide flexible and value for money solutions. Our experience in this sector is varied, ranging from the installation of large complex BEMS into primary schools, to the maintenance of local council funded swimming pools. Our experience has shown us that a flexible, patient, partnership approach is critical to achieving sustainable long term goals.
Delivering our services in a retail environment has required a proactive and robust approach to ensure that public facing facilities are operated in the most efficient manner possible. We understand the changing environment that retail is, with seasonal trends influencing BEMS optimisation decisions. At ABEC our flexible and agile operational teams ensure that we change with your needs, ensuring the most energy efficient paths are trodden by your business. Our Technical Support Centre provides remote monitoring and support to large retail chains, ensuring our teams work flexibly to ensure optimum performance.
Sports/Leisure Facilities
At ABEC we have specific experience in delivering solutions to sports stadiums throughout England, providing innovative and cost effective solutions to ensure safety and comfort are achieved in these challenging environments. We also work with local authorities and private organisations in maintaining and optimising gyms, swimming pools, and other recreational buildings. We understand the importance of cost reduction and flexibility in a BEMS in this environment, ensuring we are able to adapt the system according to your footfall and user needs.

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