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Increasing pressure to reduce energy costs

With energy costs now a serious financial concern for many businesses, alongside the pressure to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, addressing energy usage is essential. The Building Management System (BMS) controls and monitors around 60% of the energy consumed in a building. Therefore, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems must perform as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Cost-effective long-term improvements

Our Focus Energy service helps customers to make long-term, sustainable energy savings through simple and cost-effective initiatives. We ‘Audit’ the HVAC controls,’Optimise’ the BMS then ‘Police’ these changes and savings over time through HVAC fault monitoring with ABEC AnalytiX. Focus Energy delivers a real return on investment with the results demonstrated in energy and cost reductions as well as CO2 saved, achieving circa 30% in energy savings. Unlike energy consultants that take a generalised approach, we are specialists in BMS and HVAC controls.

How Focus Energy works:

Our Focus Energy service is unique, it is built on decades of experience and delivers real cost and energy savings. It has three key stages:


Our BMS Energy Audit takes a holistic look at a building’s performance and identifies where improvements can be made based on energy efficiencies and best practice. The Audit report highlights low-cost / no-cost improvements, such as ensuring the HVAC plant is only operating when it is needed.


We then work with you to review and implement all the changes identified in the Energy Audit report. This often includes recommissioning of the system to ensure it meets the current usage and needs of the building occupants. This delivers circa 15% savings and an ROI typically in under 12 months.


We help you to maintain these changes and ensure that alterations are not made that will impact the energy efficiency of the building. Our ABEC AnalytiX solution provides real-time fault monitoring of a wide range of factors to alert us to any energy consumption issues. ABEC AnalytiX has a comprehensive set of standardised faults developed by our expert team. for example, if changes are made to the occupancy times and not changed back, this will show up as a fault and can be reset. ABEC AnalytiX can deliver a further 15% to 20% savings.

Why choose ABEC to reduce your energy bills?

  • Almost two decades of specialist BMS experience
  • Our unique Focus Energy service deliveries substantial energy savings, significantly reducing carbon emissions
  • Our ‘Audit’ provides a comprehensive evaluation of where improvements can be made
  • We then ‘Optimise’ the BMS and HVAC systems’ performance
  • ABEC AnalytiX utilises technology to ‘Police’ changes and prevents energy decay
  • Global reach with dedicated local support

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