ABEC Core Values

The ABEC Core Values are the foundations of our company, our moral compass.

They are not just the fluffy stuff, words printed on a poster somewhere in the office. Our Core Values have been developed over the last 20 years and a great deal of thought has been put into them.

At the heart of it all are our clients – we think about what our clients need, what the competition doesn’t provide and what more we can do.  But we also want to improve the lives of our employees.

Our Core Values represent the very best qualities of our team, distilled into 5 statements that can be used to make better decisions, hire better people and shape the amazing culture of the business.

ABEC’s values are:

We always have a PLAN
We always act with INTEGRITY
We always go the EXTRA mile
We are open to CHANGE
We make working ENJOYABLE

Ok, so what does this mean?

We always have a PLAN

  • Definition – A client not having a plan, process or programme is no excuse for us not performing at the highest standard.
  • If our client has no plan or their plan is flawed, we do not sit back and identify the errors when the project inevitable fails. We take control and take the wheel. We understand the needs of the customer, build a plan that works and communicate the plan to all.
  • We set up regular ABEC Contract meetings as well as impromptu ones, discuss any issues and agree on actions to avoid any tasks being missed and avoiding any miscommunication.
  • The ABEC Differentiator – By being in the driving seat and by making the effort to build a plan, we can steer a project to success, with better outcomes for our clients and for ourselves.

We always act with INTEGRITY

  • Definition – Without Integrity, we risk harming the relationships with our peers, colleagues, staff and clients.
  • During a bid, if we miss something from our scope and no one identifies the omission then additional costs are incurred as a result. We will hold our hands up, admit our errors and offer to share the costs. More importantly, we will learn from our mistakes.
  • We are always honest with our staff. Both good news and bad news is delivered transparently. We follow a strict moral code and treat others as we wish to be treated. As an employer, we are flexible to assist staff with their personal lives.
  • The ABEC Differentiator – Whether a relationship is an internal one or with an external stakeholder, integrity is vital. It creates an environment of trust and increases transparent collaboration.

We always go the EXTRA mile

  • Definition – If something requires more time and effort, but makes our clients’ lives easier or sets us apart from the majority, we will do it.
  • During commissioning, our client is unable to provide permanent power to our equipment, we could just notify the client the project is delayed. Instead, if possible, we will provide temporary power ourselves to enable work to progress.
  • During the sales process, if the scope is unclear or specification is flawed, we could tell the client that we cannot provide a proposal until they revisit their designs. Instead, we take ownership. We offer to work with the designers, to clarify the scope or improve the specification and obtain designers and clients approval.
  • The ABEC Differentiator – Something may be ‘good enough’ but success begins at the extra mile. This winning behaviour makes us stand out from the crowd.

We are open to CHANGE

  • Definition – Change is sometimes resisted as it requires effort to re-plan and sometimes proses risks.
  • During a project, if the client offers free issues equipment for use in our panel manufacture but it fails to arrive on time, we engage with the client, discuss all possible options to avoid delays and find a way forward.
  • During a maintenance contract, if a client’s analytics system creates multiple faults, then we will step in to ensure that they don’t remain unactioned. We will identify the issues, take ownership of the resolution process and provide a plan of action, clearly highlighting any additional fees or resources if necessary.
  • The ABEC Differentiator – By working flexibly, we can identify and solve problems. This ability to change strengthens our position and reputation, giving us the opportunity to shine.

We make working ENJOYABLE

  • Definition – We spend 33% of our time at work; it’s vital we enjoy it.
  • We could just concentrate on getting our own work done and ignore others who need our support. Instead, we are mindful and supportive of others, who may be experiencing stress in their lives.
  • We encourage a healthy work/life balance. We trust our staff to work diligently on their own and wherever they are located. As long as deadlines are met and clients and colleagues are happy, the management team are happy too.
  • The ABEC Differentiator – If we enjoy what we do, we will be more successful. This benefits us as individuals and as a business.

How to make the Core Values real?

Now, this is the tricky bit, but also very exciting. To make them more than words on a wall, we have to incorporate the Core Values into every working day.

  • Add to the website – by creating a webpage with the company’s Core Values, it makes us accountable and we start to think and act in a different way. It also shows the outside world who we are and what we stand for
  • Use them in the Appraisal process – this helps to make the Core Values part of our everyday working objectives. We deliberately use them when making business decisions or evaluating new hires
  • Reward employees who demonstrate outstanding Core Values – by rewarding employees when they show examples of Core Values being used in a real scenario, we encourage positive behaviour

Core Values should be an integral piece of any organisation. Clearly defined values can significantly help drive decisions that align with our overall goals and create a sense of balance for our business. That is what we are finding, one team, one direction, clear goals.

ABEC Core Values